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Coloured J-Foam (Avalanche Spray)

Coloured J-Foam (Avalanche Spray)

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The theatre & television favourite. J-foam is a new coloured version of the traditional Avalanche Spray, famed for Bugsy Malone productions right across the globe. It is a ready to use spray which is hypo-allergenic and suitable for covering actors. Whether you are a major film production, a theatre, or just want to have some fun with your mates, J-foam is a great way to let your hair down and make your audience smile. A perfect slapstick stage tool, the foam creates up to 10 'custard pies' in just one tin, or a mega foamy mess when sprayed. It looks and feels great, and is very sticky but the best bit is after an hour the foam will naturally break down and dissipate meaning no more cleaning up. J-foam is very easy to mop up after use making it perfect for theatre and stage productions. It also makes it ideal for producers who want to spend less time cleaning and more time creating and gives parents and party organizers peace of mind when throwing a messy event or gathering. 

Directions: Shake can, point the nozzle toward the object you want to cover, and spray, it's as simple as that. You may need to shake the can a few extra times if using the entire tin at once. The J-foam spray will create enough mess to entirely cover 3 adult humans.

Cautions: Staining is likely. Always wear old clothing as a precaution and keep away from stage curtains and soft furnishings. We advise washing clothing and cleaning away from floors without delay to avoid staining.

Safety: Do not spray directly into the face or eyes. If covering a person's face, stand well back. If foam gets into the eyes and stinging does occur, rinse with plenty of warm water the same as you would with soap or shampoo. 


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